6 Tips to adding value to your home!

yesterday, I went to visit one of our customers out in Rayleigh looking for a removal company to help with her move around the Rayleigh area. She and her partner originally moved into the house a number of years ago, and just moved in with themselves and a few personal effects. Now they have a toddler and more belongings as well as furniture to get moved to their new property.

In the short time that they have been in the property, it has become clear to me the amount of work that they have had done, the high standard of work, and the value they have added to their property which will benefit them when they come to move out as they will have a very impressive resale value on the property.

For the purpose of this entry I am going to start from the top of the property and work my way down, to explain just how they have been able to add value to their property.

Convert. Change the current space in the property

The first step they had undertaken, was to get the loft of the house extended and converted into a guest room, this room had really good access up the newly added staircase which is often lost on most loft conversions, so a converted loft with good access makes it feel more like an extension of the home than a conversion of space.

Once you are up their, you have a really spacious double bedroom, that would comfortably fit 2 adults, with plent of storage space, and to add a further value to the property, they have a good amount of light able to come into the room as the windows are facing the east side of the house. There is also plenty of storage space for any new buyers, as they have good standing storage space behind a door to my left as well as eaves storage from the old loft space.

Update. Ensure your home moves with the times and keep in contemporary

Moving down to the first floor, at the front of the property we have what used to be the main bedroom, which now serves as second bedroom, with a good amount of space for a young child/adult to grow in, plenty of room for furniture, and bay windows looking out towards the west of the area. All of the wall have an updated feel with modern colours and tones painted to lift the profile of the bedrooms. The reason this is no longer the master bedroom will become clear.

Alter. Change the layout of your home to add rooms and storage

Just off of the main bedroom, there is another small bedroom, that is currently being used by the toddler as a baby bedroom, but as they grow up it could also make a good study, or utility area. As we move to the back of the first floor it becomes clear why the first bedroom was no longer the master bedroom.

Expand. Build on to what you have and add new features to the property.

Since the properties original design, an extension has been built onto the back of the property, allowing the ground and first floor to be extended outwards. The benefit of this means as you walk to the rear of the first floor, you have a very generous master bedroom, it has good floor space, plenty of storage and space for a super king bed. As well as this, it feels slightly detached from the main house allowing mummy and daddy to have an area of serenity away from the rest of the family. Again all the colours and tones on the walls make this room feel modern and up to date.

As we leave the master bedroom, we have one more room before we reach the stairs, off to the left on me as I leave the master bedroom, is the bathroom. With the extension of the house to the rear, this has been converted into a modern wet room. At the back of the bathroom, set above the main floor level, is a double whirlpool bathtub, a very unique luxury item, as well as a separate shower cubicle in the bathroom as well. enough to make many of us jealous.

Update. Remove any old features that could be decreasing the properties value

As I move down to the ground floor, the first thing I notice is that all the picture rails in the hall and the lounge have been removed. This has made the whole ground floor of the house feel a lot taller and give the perception of more room and leaves you feeling a lot less boxed in that a comparative house of this era.

As you move into the lounge, you can tell that originally this used to be separated into a reception room and dining room. Thanks mostly in part to the extension at the rear of the house, they have been able to knock through the two rooms, and build one large family room, the added benefit of this as the customer felt, was that the living area could be separate from a play area for the little one, whilst still being able to monitor and keep an eye on then whilst they play and not feeling disconnected from them in any way.

Extend. Add space the property by building on your own land

As I move to the back of the family room,I enter into the extension of the property, with a very generous, modern and spacious kitchen and dining area. Rather than have the dining room as a separate entity to the kitchen as the house previously had been set up to. they have incorporated the two, making the whole kitchen and dining area feel a lot more involved and a overall better living area. With the family room being extended along the length of the original house, the kitchen and dining area are spread along the width of the new extensions, and with it backing onto the garden complete with french patio doors, it feels as if the whole property has an airy feel, and plenty of light coming in to all rooms.

I was very impressed with all the work that our customer has had done to the property, and it will add considerable value, not to mention make an attractive prospect to anyone looking to invest in it for their own family.

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