Choosing our Storage

Why Should you Choose to Store with Mr Shifter?

Organise your life into one small storage lock up can be a nightmare. Especially with all the options out their, self storage, container storage, free box collection storage.

How can we help?

We have a wide variety of storage options and costs to help you sort out what you will do about storing your belongings.

What can we do?

For full house moves into storage, we have our containerised storage containers and our pallet door removal trucks to collect your belongings from your home and make a full inventory of your belongings.

How it works?

We will start your removal into storage with a preliminary survey of your property to get an idea of what needs storing and how many containers we feel the job with require.

Our removal and Storage team will arrive on the day and take a quick tour of your property to ensure they have an understanding of everything they are there to collect.

They will then load and stack your containers securely. Ensuring all your belongings are protected and handled with care. We will never over stack your containers that could lead to damage or breakage to your goods and belongings.

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