Our Covid-19 Health Protection Policy

The Health and Well-being of all our customers and staff here at Mr Shifter is our top priority during this difficult time. During the pandemic, we will be monitoring the current situation and making any revisions necessary to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff; in line with government guidelines.

Our Covid Measures 

Are working in small bubbles
Temperature is tested every morning before they do any jobs
All staff operate with PPE equipment throughout the day
All vehicles and equipment are subjected to regular deep cleans

The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

On the 26th March 2020, Public Health England released a detailed memorandum outline exactly what is expected of businesses and the public during this epidemic; and most importantly how business can still operate, and how to operate safely.

For full details visit; The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020

Public Health England identify a vulnerable person as the following;

  • (i)any person aged 70 or older;
  • (ii)any person under 70 who has an underlying health condition, including but not limited to, the conditions listed in Schedule 1;
  • (iii)any person who is pregnant.

During the course of the Restrictions on Movement, they advise;

  • (b)where the gathering is essential for work purposes,
  • (d)where reasonably necessary—
  • (i)to facilitate a house move,

With this in mind, we here at Mr Shifter are taking the following steps and precautions during this period;

  • Only Essential Moves will be undertaken. An essential move is identified as a move that cannot be avoided or delayed, due to contractual, financial or social constraints.
  • Wherever possible, staff and clients should observe the restrictions on gatherings and social distancing guidelines.
  • Where it is not possible, all steps must be taken to minimise the duration of such gatherings and distances.
  • If you are identified as a person(s) that is vulnerable, please take any and all steps to remove yourself from the premises during collection and delivery, if possible, please have a family member or friend on hand to oversee your move whilst you are isolating to protect yourself and your health.