Diary of a Removal Driver; What’s important when it comes to Tight access

When it comes to handling jobs where tight vehicle access is going to be involved; it is important for us as the removals company to understand the logistics of your move.

For example;

How far is the move going?

Does the entire move need to be completed in one day?

Will everything be going over in one trip or in stages?

This will help us determine the best way to plan your move.

In this instance, the move was moving fairly locally, which reduces the need for us to provide a quote where we would need to provide a small vehicle for transhipping to a larger vehicle to make the long journey.

In addition our customer was looking to get everything moved across in one trip, meaning it was advisable for us to ensure we supplied enough vehicles to conduct the removal in one journey.

We started the day by loading the smaller of the two vehicles. By doing so it allowed us the flexibility later in the day to manoeuvre the larger vehicle into place and take our time to do so; knowing that if it was unable to fit due to the access that we could tranship what was already loaded and continue to load the smaller vehicle once it was empty.

The difficulty once we arrived at the jobs for the smaller vehicle was that, they road you turn off of was very narrow with cars parked on either side, reduces the room to turn; additionally, if the vehicles pulled in facing forward, there was no where for the vehicles to get turned around once down there to load from there rear. This meant that we would need to reverse each vehicle into the access.

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