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Here at Mr Shifter Removals we can make your document storage simple, We can arrange for your business records to be collected and bring them to our secure storage facility. We can provide you with storage and collections quote by the box, and we will provide a competitive like-for-like quote offered elsewhere. Mr Shifter Removals is the Smart Choice for your Document Storage Solution.

Making your documents available when you need them, but not under your feet when you don’t!

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    Save Money and Free up your Office

    As your business expands, so do the number of records and documents that you need to keep. As a registered company, You will need to ensure you keep a secure record of all your documents for up to 10 financial years.

    Arranging for your documents to stored can be expensive if you try to use your existing office space, and it can often hinder your company’s expansion, it is not practical or cost effective to store your goods in expensive office space. At Mr Shifter Removals our Document Storage solutions allows you to clear out your archived files and provide safe, secure document storage.

    We can collect and store all of your documents that you do not need constant access to but cannot dispose of either for compliance reasons or due to the data still being of value.

    We can arrange a variety of services for your document storage and collection; we can arrange Next day, half-day and emergency document retrieval services, and we can scan your paper records and send them back in electronic format.

    Document Storage Solutions are Ideal for:

    • Retail and media companies
    • Finance and banking firms
    • Law firms
    • Accountants
    • Small businesses
    • Medical institutions
    • Insurance companiesPublic sector companies
    • Public sector companies

    Do you have an Office in London? Get Cost effective Document Storage!

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