London Diary of a Removal Man

Monday 30th November

This week I started my week over in Harold Hill, I had arranged to meet a customer for a removal quote. Our customers was looking to have the items in her home moved from her flat in Harold Hill to their new home in Ware, Hertford. They only have a small 1 bedroom flat, however, despite the property size we find it best practice to visit as many of our removals customers as possible to provide them a free removal estimate.

We saw that she had a few items in her lounge, including a corner sofa that splits into two parts, and we were also able to advise our customer that her 3 door wardrobe would need to be dismantled in order to be safely removed from her flat. We offer a dismantle and re-erect service to our customers, to help take the pressure of them on removal day. Having looked through the property, we felt the customer would best benefit from one of our medium sized removal vans with a standard 2 man crew.

“We offer a dismantle and re-erect service to our customers, to help take the pressure of them on removal day”

My next appointment took me into East Ham, just behind the high street, our customer had been let down by their previous removals firm, and had found our details from searching through the google listings. Our customer praised us, as we were the first human response they had received without needing to leave a message on a machine.

We arranged an appointment to pop out and visit him that very same day for a removal quote. We had a quick look around, and talk to him and his neighbor about arranging suitable parking on the day between them. We would be sending one of our purpose built large removals vans, to improve access and travel access, it was a slightly larger job, where a larger wagon would normally be needed but would slow the day if we had to navigate a city town such as East Ham to complete the removal.

Tuesday 1st December

On Tuesday, my first appointment was down in Bow, East London. Our customer had previously had me come out to put together his removal quote back at the start of November. He and his family were leaving in a small 2 bedroom flat, they were hoping for help with their removal out to Hornchurch, Romford. Where they would be looking to move and settle in to a new house.

Whilst I was there we discussed how the property would be packed, the customer was happy to pack his own goods, however would like us to provide him with the materials to do his own packing. All of our boxes are double corrugated and come in a variety of sizes, ideal for packing household goods as it makes they easier to pack the right goods and weights into the right box.

My next appointment I was up in Harlow, our customer was looking for a removal service to help them move their 2nd floor 1 bedroom flat, to a new house in the Harlow area. They had a few collectible items, which would need to be handled with care, as our customer had taken great care to ensure they stay within their original conditions, and we will show them the same care as our customers has.

Because he is living in a flat, his property has built in wardrobe fixtures which will be staying with the property, To help our customers move their hanging clothes, we provide wardrobe boxes as standard to ensure they are moved professionally. They would be looking at having one of our Medium sized Vans handle their move around Harlow.

Later in the day I found myself out towards Harold Hill, my next customer was looking to move in the new year and is hoping to get an idea of the removals costs involved. Whilst we were there, we discussed some of her prize possessions being a TV unit and Statement mirror, because of the concern she expressed in wanting these to be moved professionally.

I reassured our customer that we would handled these items with our export wrap services, this is the standard of care and protection we use when preparing our customers goods to be shipped abroad. She would need one of our largest removals trucks to help her arrange her removal effectively.

“our export wrap services, this is the standard of care and protection we use when preparing our customers goods to be shipped abroad.”

In the afternoon I headed down to Charlton, south of the river, our customer was moving out to Rochester and looking for removals services on Sunday. Our standard availability is Monday to Saturday for removals, however we are starting to see an increase in demand for removals on Sunday, and we are very fortunate to have a removal crew that are flexible enough to be available to work on Sunday.

She has a fair few amount of goods to be moved from the her current flat, as well as a medium size van load from a nearby self storage. Due to the need for a Sunday removal, we would need to send a set of medium sized vans to move her goods across, this is to ensure our HGV drivers are not breaking the law by working over their allocated driving hours.

My last appoint on Tuesday was quite a late one, our customer was strapped for time and unfortunately was completing quite soon in December as well, we made a special appointment to pop out to Chafford Hundred on the night to help him with his removals quote. He and his wife are currently living in a 3 bedroom house in the area, and they are moving to a larger property further down the road in Basildon.

The customer was originally asking about the possibility of our removals crew moving only the larger items and they would handle to the smaller items, once we had spoken, we discussed that the saving in costs would not be much in terms of the pressure they would be adding to their own day. He would still need a large sized removals van to get all of his goods moved in one trip, though the boxes help us to square of the van and pack it safely.

Wednesday 2nd December

This afternoon, I went out East Barnet to visit one our customers we had already moved. I was visiting to get all of her removals boxes collected after she had the chance to unpack. We originally visited her in Palmers Green, where she was very impressed with the work we did with the removals services we provided for her next door neighbor. We provided her with a packing and removals services and she had use of one of our largest removals trucks to ensure the day went as smoothly as possible.

My Next appointment was up in Broxbourne, we had originally spoken to our customer about her removals needs last week over the phone and given an idea of the price and that we would be visiting to confirm the cost and ensure we have an idea of the volume of goods we need to moved.

Thursday 3rd December

This afternoon I took a quick trip out to Romford to visit one our customers, they are looking to move with in the next two weeks and they were desperate for some packing materials. Because of the stresses of living and working in London, some of our customers can find it difficult to be available during the day for us to make large deliveries of boxes and packing materials. Thankfully for our customers, there parents only leave out in Romford round the corner from where they are based, this gave us an opportunity to deliver out some bubble wrap and packing paper for our customer to begin packing. It also means they can collect it at their leisure either after work or at the weekend from their parents and know that they materials are safe.

My next appointment took me down to Bexleyheath. One our customers had got in touch regarding a removals service they needed arranging for the following week! Quickly understanding the urgency of his request our office made the soonest possible availability for us to get down to him and have a look at what he needed moving. The removal will be fairly straight forward as he has a generous driveway with good access to his front door and garage. He has a moderate amount of furniture, though there is a fair amount of boxes to account for as he has a lot of built in units and storage. Whilst we were there we discussed the use of wardrobe cartons to aid the move of his wardrobe content. Our wardrobe cartons, have a fitted rail and easy to use door, allowing the easy loading and transport of your shirts, suits and dresses.

Next I was up in Newbury Park visiting a customer living in a terraced property behind Gants Hill. She is currently living in a small 3 bedroom property and she found our removals services online. She is moving across to a new property in Colliers Row, and they are planning their move within the next few weeks. The customer had a fair amount of household goods and was happy to pack their for their own removals.

My last appointment came from a referral of a family member. We initially moved their daughter from a top floor flat in Shadwell, London to a house out in Elm Park, Romford. The parents were aware they were planning on moving at some point in the near future and were prepared for this by borrowing the daughters removal boxes to get their packing started. The family were so impressed with how well the move went on the day, they invited us out to quote for their removals as well. Our customer has got a wardrobe fitment in their master bedroom that the new buyers do not want so will need to be moved with the household goods. Whilst I was there, The customer and I noticed that once the plinth of the fitment was removed, the wardrobe separated into 3 double and 1 single wardrobe segments, this would allow us to keep the majority of the unit in one piece and reduce the number of loose items to be loaded on to the truck, that reduces the chance of damage in transit.

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