Making Moving House Easier

Sold your house but don’t have anywhere to move to? Take advantage of our storage facilities, contact us for more details.

Are you planning to sell your home soon and need to de-clutter to help make a better impression to potential buyers, We can offer a collection services to make transporting your goods to storage even easier.

Our storage is designed for the purpose of storage and transport for your household goods, and you can rest assured your goods are handled by professionals. Unlike other storage options we can offer:

No Long Term Commitments

Due to the flexibility of our fleet buying designed and purpose built for the removals and storage industry, we can arrange your storage at very short notice, your goods can be collected and delivered at a date and time that is suitable to you. We can store your goods for anywhere from an overnight holding, to a long term storage.

Our 250 cu ft storage containers are all stored inside our secure warehouse and will not be shared with our other customers. Should you wish to access your goods, we will need a minimum of 24 hours notice to ensure we can have a friendly, trained member of staff on site to make your goods available to you, and ensure the goods are handled in your container safely and securely.

If you wish some body to access your storage on your behalf, we would make contact with yourself to ensure you give your full consent for your goods to be accessed without your express consent. If we do not receive this confirmation, your goods will not be made available to 3rd parties.

Worry free Storage

by agreeing to have your goods collected and stored by Mr Shifter Removals and Storage, you have the peace of mind that our friendly, trained experienced staff will be handling your goods with the utmost care and attention and ensuring that no your goods are not exposed to any unnecessary risk or damage.

With over 35 years in the removals and storage industry our experience is well recognised and appreciated by our customers, which you can read more about by reading our reviews on Google, Facebook,, Checkatrade and Referenceline. We are completely transparent with the way we work and would be happy to talk you through how we will plan to conduct your move to storage.

Insurance included as Standard

All of our storage clients will benefit from our cost effective storage insurance, which will allow you to rest easy that your goods are protected and insured whilst held in our secure storage facility. From as little as 50p per £1000, our insurance is really cost effective.

Helpful Hints for Preparing for Storage

  • Use good quality storage boxes

Make sure you choose good quality sturdy, ideally double corrugated cardboard boxes, you are going to want to ensure you are able to effectively stack your goods in the storage container to make sure you make the best use of the space.

  • Fill boxes to capacity, as partially full or bulging boxes could collapse

We have a variety of size boxes available, ensuring the boxes are filled to the right capacity and that the correct size box is used for the goods being packed will ensure the content of the box will stay in a good condition whilst in storage. By choosing low quality, thin cardboard boxes that are overfilled will cause the boxes to collapse and your goods to be damaged.

  • Pack heavy items into small boxes

By choosing a small strong box with a close-able lid, this is so they’re easy to lift as our removals crew can keep the box close to the chest and give them a good center of gravity whilst carrying it. Smaller boxes should definitely be used for the storage of books, CDs etc. By choosing to pack heavier items in a larger box, not only could this result in your goods being damaged in storage it is also a health risk to anyone handling it as they are likely going to injure themselves whilst attempting to carry it.

  • Label or number boxes

By keeping an itinerary of your goods and which box they are in it will make it easier to find your things later. Once you start packing your household goods you will start to realize the just how many boxes you will be packing up for storage. We would recommend numbering the boxes as you pack them and keeping a reference sheet of the room that box was packed in and any particular goods that may need to be located as a priority from that box.

We will provide you with an storage inventory when your goods are brought into storage this will reflect your household items stored, their condition and the quantity of the boxes brought into storage.

How Can Mr Shifter Help you?

  • Get in touch with us.

You can call us today and we can help you get to grips with your storage needs, We can help you decide on exactly how much storage you will need, there are a number of ways that we can do this; our friendly office team can take a few minutes to take a short list of what goods you are looking to have into store, this will give us an idea of what needs to be brought into storage and ideally how much space it will take up. Alternatively, if you prefer to deal with one of our representatives face to face we can have one of our surveyors visit your property to take an inventory of the items intended for storage.

  • Boxes can be delivered to your home.

In addition to storage we are experts in the removals industry, we can arrange an appointment for one of our surveyors to visit your property to deliver packaging materials to you, allowing you the chance to begin packing your goods ready for storage.

Alternatively, if you would prefer more peace of mind, you can have one of our removals teams visit to begin to have your goods professionally packed before storage, ensuring that your goods are handled and protected by our professionally trained removals team.

What Shouldn’t Be Stored

we can provide storage for a variety of your household goods, however there are a number of items we would insist that you do not bring into store. This is for the protection and care of both your goods and our other customers as well. These goods include:

  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, Radioactive materials and Flammable or hazardous goods

These goods run a high risk in storage, they may be volatile to any number of external factors and could cause damage to your goods, our customers goods and our premises.

  • Firearms, munitions or explosives, and Illegal goods

These will need to arranged separately as we currently not legal obliged to move and store these goods.

  • Living plants or animals, Waste, Food or perishable goods

Because of the living and natural nature of these goods, should their conditions change whilst in storage, they increase the risk of attracting pest and vermin attracted to the storage premises.

  • Cash and securities

Items such as these should be arranged to be stored with Banks and security deposit facilities, our warehouse is a secure facility, however does not have the correct infrastructure to provide secure storage for these items, These items will also change the conditions of your insurance.

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