Moving in The Capital

I absolutely adore living in London, it just has so much going on, and there is a way of life to suit almost anyone!

Moving in London can be an exciting time, Being such a big city, with so many cultures and walks of life, planning your next move can be a daunting yet exciting time!

Where to Live?

The Standard of living is so diverse in London and there is a property to suit almost everybody. 

If you are looking for a high modern standard of living, I would highly recommend looking at areas such as Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs, there is a huge variety of apartments and flats that have recently been built and finished to a high standard, some complete with resident-only Gyms. And yet, a short walk down to the lower side of Isle of Dogs, you can see the history of the area with rows of old dockers houses, ideal for small families to start off in.

I can also recommend for a more urban, and trendy appeal from a property, Shoreditch and Old Street have a variety of different apartments and flats on offer, from converted warehouses and breweries, offering an almost bohemian lifestyle, and you have great access to weekend venues such as Boxpark, Spitalfields Market and many bars, clubs and restaurants.

If you prefer a property with a bit more heritage and history, there are great locations all over London that have held onto their identity as well as embraced it. These can be found all across the company, for example, starting in the Southwest, We have great locations such as Richmond and Twickenham, both with great access into Waterloo on the national rail. Moving north we have locations such as Islington and Finsbury Park, with great outdoor spaces and an amazing vibe all year round. And moving South East there is the absolutely stunning area of Blackheath and Greenwich, with amazing views over the observatory and the Cutty Sark!

Choosing to Move

Once you have decided where you want to move, you need to take a look at what you will be bringing with you. If it is just yourself moving, you may only have a few clothes, a TV as well as some toiletries and kitchenware. Or if you are moving with a partner, or a group, you may have started to collect along the way. Knowing what you are bringing with you will make a huge impact on how you will organise your move.

London is such a flexible place to live, and many properties can be available furnished and unfurnished depending on a tenant’s needs.

Man with Van or a Removals firm?

Many members of the BAR (British Association of Removers) understand the need for a competitive market in London, and many of them offer a man with van service in London at a competitive rate. This means that you benefit from the experience and care of a trusted, trained removals company, at a rate competitive to that of many of the smaller hobbyist firms.

It is important to remember that these are your belongings and you want to make sure that they are handled by professionally trained permanently employed staff.

Man with Van is a great option for small, personal moves around London, where you are just looking for your personal effects to be moved, and a few choice pieces of furniture, such as TV’s, microwaves etc. All their vans will be equipped with protective furniture blankets to protect your goods in transit, as well as having the surety that your goods are covered by insurance whilst being handled.

If you have a larger move on your hands it is best to hire a 2 man removal crew from a reputable London removal company. This will take the stress out of the move for you, as the two many will be able to collect and deliver your goods between both properties. I have had many people tell me after they have tried to move themselves how much they regretted trying to do it all themselves, working until the late hours of the night trying to get everything moved, in what could take a removals firm half a day to do. Saving you time, and letting you focus on settling in and enjoying life in the Capital.

Top Tips for Packing!

It’s helpful to just have a few helpful tips on how to pack to get the most out of your move.

Suitcases are great if you are planning a small personal move around town, as you can empty many of the content of your drawers into a large suitcase and almost be halfway packed. However, if you have more than a few handful of clothes and a lot of wardrobe rails, consider talking to your removal firms beforehand; On the day they may be able to provide you with Wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes in, reducing the need for them to be collapsed and take up valuable suitcase space.

Another great use for smaller suitcases, especially those designed for overheads on flights, is to transport books, and heavier items. Their compact shape means that there will be less of an opportunity to overfill them, and will keep them light enough to still be carried by one man.

If you do start to run out of suitcases etc. A great source of free boxes is to check in with your local supermarkets, hospitals and retailers, they are often getting large deliveries, where the delivery boxes need to be emptied and are simply discarded afterward. A great opportunity to recycle them! Be careful though, for a good moving box you should be sure that it is double corrugated to take weight whilst keeping its shape.

Lastly, is your fragile items, The majority of removal firms use packing paper to wrap and pack your plates and cups individually. This is an inexpensive and effective way of protecting your fragiles as each item is wrapped and then provides padding for the next, not to mention keeping the overall weight of the box to a minimum. A free alternative is broadsheets and tabloid newspapers, the paper used on them is the same thickness as the paper used by removals firms, and can even be scrunched into balls to fill any gaps between your goods.

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