Moving with the Elderly

Moving house can be a stressful process, no matter how old you are. For over 35 years, Jim our company owner has been moving his customers at all stages of their lives. From first time buyers, to expanding families, serial movers to retirees and everyone in between. Jim has seen it all and understands that all of his customers have different and individual needs.

“Don’t Worry, We’ll get you taken care of.”

This is one of Jim’s most used phrases, as he is interested in providing a service that reflects the reputation he has spent over half his life developing. Jim is one of the foremost sort after removals experts in the removals industry around Middlesbrough and Teesside and it is that same reputation we want to expand on in London.

as we get older, the simplest tasks can start to become draining on us each day, we are always interested to find out from our older customers if there will be family and friends around to help them get ready to move before the day, as well as offering to help pack for them ourselves. Jim will often help our elderly customers make up and pack the first box when he delivers them, to assure his customers that they are in the best possible hands.

For many of us, even over a short 5-10 year period we can start to accumulate massive amounts of belongings around us. So, we can all appreciate what people can hang on to after 50,60, 70 years. So having a family member on hand to help sort through many years of memories will help take away what your relatives might not need in their next home.

I have personally packed up a elderly lady who was living in a 2 bedroom house out in Chingford, They had been very careful in sorting through what she needed to keep and what needed to be passed on. I made sure that what she had left was packed with care and respect, ensuring to wrap any loose items and trinkets before packing them.

Whilst I was there, she told me about her life. She originally grew up around North Finchley, which is where she met her husband; they have had two children, and when their house got too big for them, they moved out to Chingford. Among a few the things they had brought with them, was her mother’s old writing desk, This had great sentimental value you to her, as it had been with her for many years. I made sure that before I left that day, that the entire desk was wrapped and protected properly and would arrive at the new home in the best possible condition.

By the time I was finished at the property everything had been bubble-wrapped, boxed and blanketed ready for my team to collect it the next day. My customer was so thankful that the packing was done for her as it took a weight of her mind that her belongings had been packed professionally.

Many of our elderly customers move into retirement and assisted living facilities, and only have limited space available at their new properties, for this reason it is important to prioritise what they will need at their new home. We work with a group called House to Home. They specialise in providing removals services for our elderly customers moving into retirement homes.

Their first step is to talk with our customers and find out what size home they are moving into, and also to help them decide what they will need at their new home. This can be a simple conversation, for example, deciding not to take dining furniture or the furniture from excess bedrooms at their old home.

Once we have gone through this initial phase, we will send out our survey to get a better idea of what our customers need moving and what we will need to handle for them. For instance, when I have been to see our elderly customers in the past, many of them will have new or good condition white appliances that they simply won’t need at their new home. So, unless their family are interested in picking these up, we often talk to local charity and 2nd hand shops to help these goods find a new home.

Sadly, not everything will be going to their new home, or to a charity shop. There are many reasons for this, but the sad truth is that some belongings no longer have any more value to people that sentiment. It is because of this that some of their belongings will find their way to being tipped.

The last step in their removals process is to get them into their new home with as little stress as possible. When we arrive at their new home, we work with them to ensure their new home is set up exactly the way they want it. This can be anything from making sure the sofa is in the right place, to plugging in the TV before we leave. We want to provide them with as full and complete a service as possible. We will often include an unpacking service to help them get settled in quicker.

We can unpack their china and kitchenware onto the counter tops to allow them to check for any damages as well as put them away where they need to. As well as unpacking the boxes and taking off some of the time they need to do this, we always take away all their unwanted cartons and packing materials, just to leave that little bit less clutter in their home.

We take special care of our elderly customers, and we are always a quick phone call away if they ever need anyone to talk to, or if they have any worries about their move. Our priority is their experience and providing them with the best possible move, sometimes that is just being available to listen, once in awhile.

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