The Future of Removals

What Will Removals Be Like In 100 Years?

November 23, 2015

The Removals industry has changes a lot over the past 100 years, we have had the formation of the BAR, the increase in overseas removals, the change from Tea Chests to the use of boxes.

What will Change?

At the turn of the century families were still using Tea chests, disused containers used to move tea leaves from abroad. These could only be used once by the original company to prevent from contaminating future consignments but the removals industry found use by recycling them to help their customers move their household belongings.

These were all of a set size and could become very hefty when stacked full with books, tins etc.

We have since progressed to a very sturdy double walled corrugated cardboard boxes capable of handling the same amount of goods as the old tea chests, though were able to be manipulated and crafted into smaller shapes to hold heavier items more concisely and into larger containers to store and pack more difficult items that would not conventionally fit into the previous containers.

Whilst we don’t know what the future may hold for the packing of your goods it will likely continue this trend of effective versatile heavy duty containers to hold a variety of items securely.

For the time being, cardboard remains the most cost effective and versatile materials, it is relatively low cost to produce and can be reused due to its sturdy nature multiple times, and can eventually be recycled back into cardboard.

We may see a more cost effective material produced or even a more durable reusable material produce to replace cardboard.

What Else has Changed?

Another change we have seen in the removals industry, has been the vehicles we have used to move your goods.

There has been changes in the shape of the trucks as people began to move more and more of their household goods and also the size of what they buy has increased. And with any supplying service we have to grow to match the demand.

There has also been a change in the engines we fit our trucks with.

With the global population becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to the world we live in and the effect of pollution on our environment, we have had to make massive advancements on the exhaust fumes from our trucks and their overall impact on our environment. We are currently operating on the Euro5/6/ and 7 engines which are produces the cleanest possible emissions. Any lower engine specs are now being fazed out in highly populated areas.

What Won’t Change

What will not change in the removal industry will be the way we do things.

We will continue to put out customer and their goods first, ensuring we lift and handle all your goods correctly and aim to reduce the risk of any harm or damage coming to them whilst in our care.

Your furniture will continue to be protected whilst it is in transit, under our liability and goods in transit cover.

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