What We Have Been Upto 1st Week July

Week 1

Dave and Matt

Dave and Matt started the month off with a move across to the new Barrett homes in Yarm, need the old Tall Trees area.

Barrett is currently offering buyers of their new home the chance to move into their property over the course of a full week.

For some, this provides them more time to sort through their belongings and decide what they want to bring with them to their new home. Our customers were looking for our help to move across their main items of larger furniture and they would focus on moving their own personal belongings.

Kev and Matt,

Our reputation stretches far and wide and allows us to travel all across the country.

Last year, a client living in Middlesbrough contacted us about bringing some goods back from Liverpool from her Mother-in-laws property.

This year, her sister got in touch to ask us to move some of her mother’s goods from her bungalow in Wigton, Cumbria.

Some of the items were being moved to relatives living around Wigton, and others were being brought back to the rest of the family in Middlesbrough.

Matt and Steve

We had a blast from the past midweek whilst in Redcar.

We were called out to a property in Redcar, we were there to move a customer’s Upright Piano across to her son’s property in Middlesbrough.

While we were there, the customer let us know that we actually moved her and the Piano into the property over 20 years ago!

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