What we’ve been up to; August Week 4

August Week 4

After loading up our customer from the lofts in their parents home in Norton, our customers were ready to move to their new property just passed Peterborough.

After relocating from South Africa, firstly our customers needed to wait for their goods to arrive in the UK via Sea Freight, once in the UK they need to have their goods stored in some way until their property was ready for them to move in.

Whilst the property did need some work, but they had a lot of property at their use and it will be an absolutely amazing family home once its complete!

Matt and Lee

Not all of our jobs are based on large houses, and full size removal trucks. Our team is no stranger to the first time buyers/sellers, everyone moves in their own way and at their own pace, and we are happy to provide removals services no matter whatever people’s needs are.

Matt and Lee, were happy to help our customers move out of their first 2 bedroom house in Darlington, with their new born into their new 4 bed home.

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