What We’ve Been Up to Week 1 – June 2019

Week 1;

June has been busy for us here over at Mr Shifter Removals.

Ryan and Cam;

Ryan and Cam, started off the month taking a job out of this amazing house in Osmotherly, our team went out the day before the main move to begin loading the majority of the household items ready for transit.

The team then returned the next morning, to collect the last of our customers overnight items, such as beds, appliances etc. 

Once all of this was completed the Ryan and Cam then began their journey to Dornoch just passed Inverness. And check out the amazing house they were greeted with at the other end!

Matt and Dave;

Elsewhere, Matt and Dave went across to a property at Saltburn-by-sea. As well as our Removals and Storage services, we also offer additional property services, such a property cleaning service.

Which is what Matt and Dave had to deal with upon arrival.

Needless to say, Matt and Dave worked tirelessly to clean the property to an impeccable standard; leaving every service gleaming.

In total, the entire clean took roughly 6-7 hours to complete for a thorough deep clean on a 3 bedroom Dormer Bungalow.

Kev, Brad and Lloyd

Later this week, Kev, Brad and Lloyd were working at this massive property in Darlington. Due to the specific access at this delivery, we were required to send a 7.5 Tonne vehicle with a Luton van alongside to collect any surplus.

This would ensure that our vehicles would be able to get close enough to the property to be able to unload.

Matt, Kev and Lee

A couple of days later, Kev was back out again; this time in Stockton with Matt and Lee.

They were bringing a families goods into storage short term whilst they wait for the sale of their property to go through.

During the selling of their property, they were required to bring their goods into storage to ensure that they were able to successfully complete the sale of their home, due to pressures from both their buyer and their vendor, they were required to have a gap in the moving process.

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