What we’ve been up to Week 3 July

Week 3,

Geoff and Cam,

We have moved a lot of customers over the years, and these 2 were no exception, we have moved them up to Guisborough from down south, across from Guisborough to Glaisdale, and now back from Glaisdale to Guisborough.

Because of how often we have moved them, we are fully aware of their requirements and this move was no exception. Whilst we were at the property the day before the move, we could tell that they were struggling slightly to get themselves packed and ready for the moving day. This is why we came prepared with a full complement of boxes and once they gave us the go-ahead we began to pack up and clear all of their non-essential goods from the property.

Daz, Matt, Brad and Lee

Now, this was an extra special one, we started off the morning in Darlington, helping this family pack up all their fragiles and load the majority of their belongings for their family to stay the night at their new home.

We were originally planning on moving them directly over to their new home in Hurworth, unfortunately, due to complications in the process for them, their home would not be ready in time, so in the meantime; whilst they are waiting for their home to be ready they are moving into a rental property temporarily.

Ryan, Marshall and Matt,

What an amazing property!

We have moved our customer a couple of times over the past few years, and he is also a close personal friend of the family.

During the past couple of years, in a new area of Wynyard, our customer has been having their dream home built. From planning to construction, our customers have been involved in every step of this home. The building is complete with a home gym and a built-in indoor swimming pool!

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