What we’ve been up to Week 4 July

Week 4,

Matt and Lee,

Another amazing property this week, this time; we were across in Danby, Yorkshire. Our customer has been living in temporary accommodation for a while now, during the building of this amazing property, His family has owned the land that this farmhouse rests on for many years, and he had decided that it was about time for an update. To help out while he was in temporary accommodation we had some of his goods held in storage; Including his pride and joy, an Upright Steinway Piano!

Geoff and Cam,

Now This is a very interesting property, We moved this job over 2 days, from Dixon Bank, Marton across to Nunthorpe. What you can’t see from the photograph is the skill required by our driver to get our truck up onto the driveway. Beyond the narrow gates, is a busy single carriageway intersection complete with a 90 degree right angle reverse turn to get through the gates!

Daz and Matt,

As well as our Fixed price removals, we also offer jobs completed an hourly rate. These are based on the hourly rate starting from the time our crew leave our base of operations and terminates once we arrive back at our base.

On this particular day, our team started the morning at a townhouse in Stockton, and the family was moving across to a New Build near Allen West, Yarm. Our team worked efficiently and completed the full day in a tidy 8 hours. Well done Lads!

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