Moving to Europe Made Easy with Mr Shifter International

The North East premier removals company are proud to provide the community of Middlesbrough and Teesside with its outstanding removals services overseas.

Mr Shifter Removals are able to provide its dedicated removals team to support and guide you through your move overseas.

Planning a Move to Europe?

Whether its a full household or a small consignment to send to a loved one, we have the overseas removals options to suit everyone’s needs.

Our dedicated removals team have carried out countless removals across Mainland Europe, recent destinations include, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

When it comes to moving overseas, it can be a difficult prospect. Moving house is stressful enough, combine that with the stress of organising a family to travel abroad and everything is escalated. You need to choose the removals company with over 40 years experience serving Middlesbrough and Teesside. As well as a removals firm organised and dedicated to reducing the stress of your overall move by providing you a detailed outline of your removals schedule.

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    European Household Removals

    When it comes to preparing to move abroad, preparations must start weeks in advance. A typical full household move abroad can take between 4-12 weeks to complete.

    The process starts at your home in the UK, our team will attend 2 days prior to departure day. This day will consist of packing and inventorying all of your personal belongings in preparation for the move.

    Day two, will be focussed on packing and preparing your household furniture ready to be loaded for departure day. With your goods being shipped abroad, you need the piece of mind that your goods have been protected professionally to reduce the risk of any damage during shipping. For this reason, all, of your furniture is wrapped and packed in our Corrugated Export Blankets, each open edge of the blanket is then sealed closed with packaging tape to reduce air and moisture inside the Blanket. This process helps to additionally protect goods during shipping as this is the highest standard of furniture protection.

    The Shipping container is then transported to a nearby designated dockyard, where the container is then handled for shipping abroad. Depending on where in the Globe you are headed the shipping container can take between 4-12 weeks to arrive at the desired Dockyard.

    Mr Shifter are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality Global relocation possible.

    On Departure day, your shipping container will arrive and our team will be on hand to fully load the shipping container for removal. Shipping containers come in 3 distinct sizes depending on the size of your move. 20FT Shipping containers, 40FT Shipping Containers and 40FT Extra Large High Cubed Shipping Containers. At the time of your initial estimate our surveyor will determine which container best suits your needs.

    Small European Consignments

    Whilst Shipping containers are ideal for Full household moves. Small Consignments do not always require the dedication or turnaround time of a Shipping service.

    For this reason we are able to provide, small consignment, and consignment groupage to a multiple of destinations in Europe and Internationally at incredible rates.

    For smaller consignments headed for mainland Europe, our removals team are able to provide a personal and professional door to door service, often able to turnaround delivery within 5-7 days. Ask about our direct rates for mainland Europe.

    If you are more flexible with receiving your goods or your goods are headed Internationally, we can provide a Groupage scheme. This is ideal if you only have a small volume of goods to move and you are looking to keep costs down. This service can take between 4-12 weeks as groupages need to be organised by destination.