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Here at Mr Shifter we provide a range of storage options to customers across the world.

Specialising in the containerised storage of household items and commercial goods, we offer both long term and short term storage options. We are are able to transport your goods to and from the storage site, at your convenience. We take meticulous care when packing your belongings and place utmost priority on ensuring quality, safe and secure.

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    Containerised Storage

    Our purpose built storage containers are designed for the safe storage and transportation of your household furniture and belongings. These specifically designed storage containers are used by removals and storage industry nationwide. Their unique design allows us to stack and load your goods directly onto the base of the pallet, reduces the risk of the container becoming overweighed and allowing good amount of space to stack your household belongings. All of your furniture will be wrapped and protected by our furniture blankets, that allow us to stack your belongings without risk of marking your furniture whilst in storage. Lastly, once we have built a good base of boxed belongings on top of the furniture, we are able to store any loose and un-boxed items flat on top of the layer of boxes, again reducing the risk of any damage occurring during transit.

    Pallet and Suite Storage

    Our Pallet and Suite Storage solutions offer a unique and cost effective alternative to traditional storage methods. Our palletised storage can be ideal if you are only looking to unload a small number of boxes and other items into storage, which is great if you are looking to create a bit of extra space in your home. Your items can be loaded and wrapped on to our storage pallets by our professionally trained staff. We can then catalog their content, and location before they are stacked onto our palletised racking bays, allowing them to stored off of ground level. This can offer a cost effective alternative to a full cost storage container.

    Your Goods, Our Storage Expertise

    When you book your Removals into Storage with Mr Shifter, you are booking with a company of professionals with over 40 years experience in the Removals and Storage industry. Here at Mr Shifter we treat your belongings as if they were our own. Our first step is to ensure that all of your goods are properly and professionally protected to ensure their safety whilst they are being stored with ourselves. We have a variety of proven methods at our disposal to ensure your goods are protected considerately whilst in storage. When your belongings are loaded into our storage, all your furniture will be protected by our secure furniture blankets, these are designed for the care and safe transport of your household goods and furniture. If we feel that your furniture needs further protection, we have additional protective packaging materials at our disposal, including bubble wrap, and corrugated paper blankets; That can add considerable protection to your goods whilst in storage.

    How to Arrange your Storage?

    Here at Mr Shifter you can arrange your storage needs in a variety of ways. Firstly, we can arrange for our professionally trained removals team to visit your property to collect your goods into storage. Our purpose built removals and storage trucks are capable of loading between 3-5 of our specifically designed storage containers, to be transported to your property to be loaded directly. Our team will take a short tour of your current home to ensure they understand everything that you intend to have brought into storage, It is important that if you are going into long term storage that you identify to the removals team anything that is not intended for storage. Once we have an understanding of what goods are due into storage our removals team will begin loading your storage containers and taking a full inventory of what they are collecting and its condition into storage. Alternatively, if you wish to bring your goods into storage yourself, you can notify our office to arrange access to our storage containers direct at our secure warehouse. You will need to ensure you provide us with 24 hours notice, to ensure we can make the container(s) available and ensure there is a member of staff on hand to assist you during your visit.

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    We are a certified member of the RHA the only UK trade association dedicated to companies who move freight by road.

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