Mr Shifter Removals

All commercial and office removals are charged on an hourly basis or fixed price which would take into account the number of staff required to complete your work within the required timescale.

All prices are plus VAT. All commercial and office removals are payable by bank transfer and all major debit and credit cards as previously agreed with Mr Shifter Removals at the time of booking. See our Removals section for more information.

Mr Shifter Storage

Mr Shifter Removals specialise in containerised storage of household and commercial goods. We currently operate five storage warehouse facilities. Goods are loaded into containers at the customers premises or at our warehouse facilities. Each container is 250 cubic feet and is specially designed for this type of work.

Storage is charged on a weekly basis per container. Should you wish, you may bring your items to our facility for containerisation by our staff. We charge a fixed fee per container. See our Storage section for more information.

Mr Shifter Packing

We provide a full packing service. When you purchase this service our staff will pack your belongings, load the vehicle and deliver to your new address.

When we arrive at your new property our crews will unpack your belongings for you to place as required. All packing materials are charged according to the nature of the job, and as such are quoted as a separate items. See our Packing section for more information.

Mr Shifter Clearance

We are a fully complaint clearance company all within line with the WEEE Directive.

We can cater for any sized clearance whether you want a full house clearance to a complete commercial clearance service.

The storage activity is also growing fast, and demand from business customers for archive storage is increasing rapidly.