What are Cardboard Wardrobe Cartons?

Wardrobe boxes are a great investment if you’re relocating, transporting goods for seasonal storage, or removing items as part of your fashion work.

Mr Shifter understands that, regardless of how little or large your clothing collection is, wardrobe packing must be done with care.

Using wardrobe cartons or clothes boxes is a terrific idea because it ensures that your clothes arrive in good condition and without causing you a large ironing chore at the other end.

But what exactly are clothes moving boxes, and how do they vary from regular cardboard moving boxes? Wardrobe cartons, unlike moving boxes, have a sturdy hanging rail that allows clothes to be stored upright. Combine this with the double-walled cardboard shell of the carton, and you’ve got everything you need to get your garments from point A to point B. Wardrobe boxes, when utilised appropriately, allow you to pack clothing directly from your closet and unpack goods at your new location. For simplicity of usage, warning signs and pre-cut carry handles are included.