How The Removals Industry Handles Your Goods

Mr Shifter has a rich and long history for serving the people of Middlesbrough time and time again.

Whether they are moving up the property ladder, buying their first home, or moving in with new family members. The Mr Shifter team are on hand to provide a smooth, stress free and friendly service to all of its customers.

We specialise in being able to provide a host of different size removal vehicles to ensure your move takes place without a hitch.

From our use of Pallet wrap to reduce the possibility of damage on Chest of Drawers and wardrobes when handling, or wrapping TVs etc in bubble wrap on the day, Our team are experts in providing the most straight forward and enjoyable move possible.

In addition, our Removal trucks all come with Sack Barrows for both crew men provided. This provides a massive benefit not only to how smooth the move takes place but also reduces the risk of injury due to strain by allowing our team to move several and heavy objects closer to the property before the need to carry them by hand.

This consideration allows our team to stay in the best possible condition for your move all year round.

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