How are my Goods Stored?

When you choose storage from Mr Shifter Removals, you are choosing a removals and storage company with over 35 years in the industry. We have been handling customers goods and helping them move house across the UK since the 1980’s. Our fully trained, professional removals teams are experienced and knowledgeable in how to correctly handle your furniture and belongings. As well as having a wealth of knowledge to help them overcome many obstacles that may arise on the day. They will handle your goods as if they are their own, and it is this personal approach that many of our customers appreciate and where our reputation has grown from.

Here at Mr Shifter Removals, we specialise in domestic and commercial containerised storage, this means that we have the correct knowledge and know-how in order to store your goods safely and securely. We provide palletised storage containers to ensure your goods are handled with care and ease. It is due to the use of these palletised containers we are able to store your goods effectively and reduce the chance of any damages.

The storage process begins back at our warehouse, after your initial survey, our estimator will have a better idea of just how many storage containers you will need for your move, this will help our operations manager select the most suitable removal truck for your move into storage. All of our removal trucks are fitted with pallet doors to allow for ease of use when loading and unloading storage containers.

Once our operations manager knows how many containers you will likely need for storage, he will assign one of our removals trucks capable of holding as many storage containers as you will need. These will be loaded empty on to our removal truck back at the warehouse and arrive at your property ready to be loaded by our team on the day.

When the team arrive, they will take a quick tour of the property with you to ensure they are aware of everything that you need brought into storage, this will help them to plan how they intend to stack your containers for storage.

All of our teams are fully trained on how to handle and store your goods professional and with due care. Our team will begin by laying a foundation on the bottom of the container, allowing them to stack your packed boxes and belongings in the container to make best use of the height and space available in the container. Some examples of how they will create this foundation will be to use, sturdy, squared furniture that they are safely able to stack boxes on top of. Once a container is full, the container door is then brought into place and climped on to ensure it does not come loose.

During the day, our removals team will be making an inventory of your goods and belongings as well as keeping a record of their condition when they went into storage, this is both for ours and your peace of mind to ensure any matters to conditions of your furniture can be swiftly resolved when they are removed from storage.

Your Furniture

At Mr Shifter Removals, we understand that your furniture and goods are not only a reflection of your individual taste, but also an investment that you have made. Often spend hard earned money on expensive furniture that you intend to cherish for a lifetime, and they deserve that we treat them with the utmost respect to ensure no damage or harm comes to them whilst in storage with ourselves.

When we handle your furniture into storage, all of your furniture will be protected by our dedicated furniture blankets that are specifically designed for the use for the removals and storage of furniture. They create a protective layer between themselves and what they are being stacked around and with to ensure whilst they are in storage that they are not being rubbed or scratched against each other and causing damage to them in the long wrong. Our removals team will ensure that sufficient furniture blankets are used to ensure the correct protections is provided to all of your furniture.

Our removals team will analyse your furniture individually to ensure that they are handled and stacked for storage to ensure that they do not come to any undue damage, an example of this, is ensuring that light furniture items such as dining chairs are not used to stack on top off, as their narrow legs and feet can often not take much weight, instead, they are protected by our furniture blankets and stored high in storage, ensuring they are secure and will not move around in the storage container.

Your Pictures and Mirrors

Depending on what services you choose we will either provide you with bubble wrap to wrap all of your pictures and Mirrors, these are loaded into our containers securely to reduce any chance of movement during storage.

Our storage containers are designed with an indent in the walls on each panel, when we begin to stack your containers, we have found that these come in particularly suitable for stacking and securing your pictures and mirrors, whilst ensuring that they side in need of protection (e.g. the glass or mirrored front), is facing into the wall of the container, so that should anything fall into it, it will not break or damage the picture in anyway.

For your high value artwork we will attend and ensure your higher value items are wrapped with our dedicated export wrap ideal for the protection of your high value items. This will either be done prior to your move into storage by one of our removals and packing teams, or on the day to ensure that it is properly protected before being loaded into the container. Where we do have to handle such pieces of artwork, we will ensure that these are stacked into the correct containers, stored high, and most of all, placed flat in the container and ensure that the container is not over weight or stacked beyond the artworks.

Unique and Intricate Goods

We will analyse your furniture on an individual basis and decide what the best way to pack your goods before storing them into containers.

We understand that many of our customers can invest in unique, expensive, intrinsic or one off pieces of furniture or goods. Our estimator and removals team will decide on the best course of action for their storage. This can include the item being export wrapped, before being stored. For example, a bespoke bedroom chair with detailing on the woodwork as well as finished to a high standard will need to ensure that the legs, and arms of the chair are bubblewrap to ensure that their will be harm come to it whilst in storage, as well as ensuring the back and bottom of the chair are export wrapped in our corrugated paper blankets, this will create a sealed environment for the chair to be protected by. This services is available for all of your furniture and goods, though can sometimes incur an additional charge for the extra time needed to prepare your goods in this way.

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