How to Move house in 10 Easy Steps

1. Notify your Removal Company

Get in contact with your removal company and let them know which date your move is booked for, Most removals companies start to get booked up 2 weeks in advance; so it is important to keep in contact with your removal company any time you begin to agree on a date in principal.

This will help them ensure they have the date available for you move.

Once your date is set, they can start to make all the necessary arrangements to give you the smoothest move possible, this includes, delivering materials for you to start packing, planning a schedule for your removal; for example on larger properties or moves over a longer distance, we can often load your address the day before your move to reduce the chances of complications on moving day!

We can also let you know if they need prior access to help your move e.g. for packing or to begin loading on larger properties.

2. Prepare for a long Day

Choosing moving house can not just be a stressful experience, but the whole day can leave you exhausted. And that by the end of the day, all you’ll want to do is open a bottle of wine and cuddle up with a loved one on the sofa, Or climb into bed and put the entire day behind you.

Make sure your bedding and towels are boxed and well labelled so you can get to them quickly and finish the day off with ease. By the time moving day approaches you should have 90% if not your entire home packed up and ready to move. Your removals company can help with this, as we provide portable wardrobe boxes, so that your hanging clothes can move as they are.

3. Check the property before you Leave

Before you leave your old house, make sure you walk around the property and make sure that all the cupboards and rooms are empty and that you have taken everything with you that you intend to have. The worst thing to happen is to potential move 100s of miles and find out that something important to you was left in a cupboard or wardrobe that got overlooked.

When we are clearing customers properties, we often will close the door to the room once we have checked that everything we have been instructed to move has been taken.

You would be surprised how this small step can start to expose a few missed items here and there, especially things like unpacked cupboards in the kitchen that were simply left until last.

4. Keep light refreshments handy

Moving house is an exhausting process. It is important not to forget to keep yourself fuelled for the day, before your removal crew arrive, get a few bits out of the fridge and keep the kettle to hand as well; chances are if you don’t do this early enough the removal crew will load it without a second thought.

By keeping a small supply handy it will help keep everyone fresh and hydrated on the day, especially in the height of summer. Moving house can be thirsty work, but the more refreshed and hydrated your removals team is the faster and better they will work for you.

5. Keep your electricals fully charged

On the day, everybody will be trying to get in contact with you, and your mobile phone will be their first point of contact on the day.

Your solicitors, estate agents and removal teams will be wanting to keep in contact with you during the day, so it is important to keep them fully charged for as long as possible so you don’t end up with a flat battery at the key moment.

Especially in today’s day and age, so many factors can drain your phone in a flash without you even realising.

6. Keep hold of all your important documents

Anything can happen on moving so it is important to keep any signed documentation and forms of ID especially in a separate folder that stays on your person at all times.

This day has been coming for many, for over 6 months, So you don’t want it to all fall apart because you can’t find the last document.

7. Switch off your Utilities

Turn off all of you gas, electric and water supplies. The last thing we want to happen is a leak or an expensive bill from utilities left running.

You also want to take a final reading of all of your utilities when you finally leave your old home, this will make it easier for your providers to calculate an accurate bill.

8. Walk through your New home

Take the time to inspect your new home and make notes of any damages or issues you notice and pass these onto your surveyor to ensure these are resolved in a timely manner.

If your removal crew notice anything on the day, they will let you know as well, so that you can follow up on any repairs or issues with the old occupants.

9. Take Meter Readings

Locate and record the current meter readings for your Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewage to ensure you pay for the correct usage.

Just like at your old property, your new suppliers will need an accurate reading from which to calculate your new bills.

10. Put your feet up!

That’s it! The day is over, the removal team have left and the property is all yours! put your feet up and spend some time de-stress after the move day.

Open a bottle of wine, watch a film, cuddle up with a loved one and just take some time to appreciate your new home.

Moving house can be a rewarding experience, all of your efforts and waiting over what can sometimes be months on getting parties to agree all come together and you can potential be spending the first night in your dream home!

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