Top 10 tips for Moving Day

Last our Week our London office posted a blog entry with helpful advice on Tips for Moving Day, This advice is transparent and relates to all our customers, we think it is a really essential read and worth taking a few minutes to look through.

Top 10 tips for Moving Day; moving day can be a dreadful experience if you aren’t prepared for it

1. Notify your Removal Company

Let your removal company know which date your move is booked for, they can then start to make arrangements to make your removal go as smooth as possible. They will let you know if they need prior access to help your move e.g. for packing or to begin loading on larger properties.

2. Prepare for a long Day

Chances are by the end of the move you will just be wanting to climb into bed and put the entire day behind you. Make sure your bedding and towels are boxed and well labelled so you can get to them quickly and finish the day of with ease.

3. Check the property before you Leave

ensure you do a thorough walk around of your old property to ensure nothing is left behind, The worst thing to happen is to potential move 100s of miles and find something important was left in a cupboard that got overlooked.

4. Keep light refreshments handy

moving can be an exhaustive process, and chances are in all the confusion the fridge and the kettle will get boxed up with out a second thought. By keeping a small supply handy will help everyone stay fresh and hydrated on the day.

5. Keep your electricals fully charged

Your mobile phone will be your first line of communication on the day for solicitors, estate agents and removal teams to keep in contact with you, so its important these dont end up with flat batteries.

6. Keep hold of all your important documents

Anything can happen on moving so it is important to keep any signed documentation and forms of ID especially in a separate folder that stays on your person at all times.

7. Switch off your Utilities

Turn off all of you gas, electric and water supplies. The last thing we want to happen is a leak or an expensive bill from utilities left running.

8. Walk through your New home

Take the time to inspect your new home and make notes of any damages or issues you notice and pass these onto your surveyor to ensure these are resolved in a timely manner.

9. Take Meter Readings

Locate and record the current meter readings for your Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewage to ensure you pay for the correct usage.

10. Put your feet up!

That’s it! The day is over, the removal team have left and the property is all yours! put your feet up and spend some time de-stress after the move day.

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