What We’ve Been Upto Week 2 – June

Week 2;

Geoff and Cam,

As well as our removals service, we also offer our clients a packing service to assist them with their move.

These come in a range of options, basic options include wrapping pictures, TVs and Mirrors, next up from there is our fragile packing service; with this, it includes all fragile goods inside your property, including, kitchen, bathroom, ornaments etc.

Lastly, we have our Full packing service; our lads will attend your property and ensure that the full property is packed up and ready to be moved and handled. Depending on the size of the move, this is either completed the day before the main move or in some cases for smaller jobs we are able to fit this in on the same day to tie into your schedule more suitably.

Brad and Lloyd,

Brad and Lloyd are amongst some of the newest editions here at Mr Shifter, Brad has been with us for over 18 months now and Lloyd has almost completed his first full year.

As well as learning the basics of removals including furniture handling; they have also become very adept at dismantling and reassembling furniture.

All Dismantling and Reassemble services provided by ourselves is carried out on-site and is completed the same day as dismantled; unless in the case of storage jobs where reassembly takes place once the goods are removed from the store.

Matt, Dave and Lloyd,

Our team had their eyes opened this week.

In our long-standing history of removals, we have never encountered anything on this scale.

Occasionally during a house purchase, the vendor may choose to leave a few items behind as a gift to their buyer, some times these include appliances, curtains, garden furniture.

On this occasion, the vendor had left behind the full content of the entire property!

To a level unseen in our history, the vendors had only recently bought the property within the past few decades. Once they had bought it, they then invested money renovating the whole property to look like the original period property it was, not to mention fully fitting it out with furniture to go with the period.

This property was a 5 bed manor house. With 2 dining rooms, 1 lounge, 1 drawing room, a study, pantry, utility room, and farmers garage. There were 2 Piano’s, 1 upright and 1 grand piano left at the property for the buyer.

Once the initial shock had settled in, our customers got hold of the location auction house to come and give her a valuation for it all!

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