What’s New at Mr Shifter Removals?

Here at Mr Shifter Removals, we are a family run business; because of this, we know that the best people to safe-guard the future of our own business is our very own flesh and blood.

Over the past 9 months, one of our very own; Ryan Gray, has been settling into his new role as Transport Manager.

Ryan originally started with us a Porter, quickly climbing through the racks of the business, next as a 3.5 tonne driver, before going forward for his Class 2 License, he is now a crucial member of the team.

Part of his duties as Transport Manager is to ensure the safe operation and running of our HGV fleet; making sure all services and inspections are kept up to date, to preserve the safety and security of not only our own staff but the members of the public as well.

One of Ryan’s main goals is to improve our companies impact on the environment and therefore preserving our planet for future generations. One of the ways that Ryan looks to monitor and control this is to ensure that our drivers are driving in the most economical and safest way possible. This can be improved by, planning long distance journeys well ahead, avoiding driving through small towns, planning when to brake well ahead of time, as well as maintaining a steady consistent speed when driving, and allowing for steady acceleration when on the road.

Well maintained, regularly serviced Vehicles with tyres kept in good condition with the right tread and pressure also help to reduce our impact on the environment.

We will continue to keep you informed of Ryan’s progress and his future goals for the company!

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