Everything Great About moving to Darlington!

When it comes to moving home, moving to Darlington could be one of the best decisions you make for you and your family. When we decide to move home, lots of factors affect what we feel is a good quality of life.

Here is why we think that Darlington is the best place for you to move to.

Darlington town centre has an amazingly huge variety of bakeries, cafes and other local businesses; and this goes towards creating an amazing neighbourhood environment for your family to become part of. No matter what walk of life you come from, the residents are all friendly and welcoming and you will soon make life long friends that you can either see on a regular basis or that are happy to have a catch up over coffee or drinks a few weekends a year. Local business really promotes a feeling of civic pride and caring within the community with everyone showing their support for all new businesses.

In a recent survey of the cities and towns across the UK, conducted by Uswitch, Darlington was ranked the 7th best place to live in the UK.

It benefits from really high employment rates with 72% of the community in full time work, between 35-45 hours a week with a high percentage of that doing hours over 45 hours a week. This leaves the local community with on average a disposable income of 14,000 GBP per year. This helps to promote and increase the economic environment in the town centre allowing locals to indulge in retail therapy and not feel constantly tied down.

Overall, Darlington is a Pleasant, Well connected city with great links to Newcastle, London and Edinburgh. Not to mention that there are 4 national parks within a hours drive from the city centre. This provides great options for families that enjoy the outdoors and adventures, as well as avid dog owners who enjoy the thrill of finding a new walk to reward mans best friend.

Hugging the Town centre is a belt of Victorian terraces all kept in fantastic condition, ideally for anyone looking to take on a home with a bit of character and really make it their own and put their unique stamp on it. For those just starting out and looking for a First home, the outer suburbs of Darlington are constantly being developed by new building firms such as Taylor Wimpey, Barratt, and David Wilson. This provides great options for First Time Buyers.

Nightlife is where Darlington really earns its stripes. The town centres homes more that 15 bars to find yourself in on a night and the younger generation of Darlington love their nights out. Whether you are looking for real ales or the finest champagnes, relaxed to energetic. Darlingtons bars have somewhere for you.

Avalon is a relaxed and friendly bar, and it is most famous for its outdoors terrace with a large canopy to protect those from some of the less desirable elements. Bar Forno is tucked under the popular restaurant Al Fornos to the back. It is a laid back, sophisticated champagne and cocktail bar for a casual, quiet night out. Hash bar is the exciting, atmospheric place to be on a night, it’s is always busy and is the place to be and be seen.

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